Who is OMEX?

Omex Limited is one of the leading logging and timber companies present in the Solomon Islands. Although established in its current form only in 1998, the company is run by a core of experienced personnel who have been active in the Solomon Islands since 1989 and have participated in commercial logging activity since the 1970s in countries all over the world including Indonesia, Cambodia, Chile and Gabon.


As a company, we have extensive skills in the forestry industry, from forest planning and operations, familiarity with the wide-range of machinery required, the technical skills required to maintain and repair such machinery, the contacts needed to reliably source spare parts for their repair to logistics planning knowledge for sustaining a major workforce with its associated facilities and machinery far away from urban centres.  We operate logging camps all over the Solomon Islands and export logs to overseas markets.


Omex Limited is part of the Tongs group of companies founded and owned by George Tong, a naturalized Solomon Islander of Chinese origin. Together, the Tongs group of companies represent one of the largest commercial entities in the Solomon Islands community with approximately 23 million USD of gross sales a year.